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Redemption Academy

Redemption Academy is an independent Christian School in Stevenage catering for pre-school through to sixth form.



Emmanuel School Exeter

Emmanuel School Exeter is an independent Christian School catering for reception through to sixth form.



Christian Schools Directory

Christian Schools Directory providing website links to the new generation of Christian schools across the United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland.



Luton Pentecostal Church Christian Academy

 Luton Pentecostal Church Christian Academy… a Christian School in Luton – providing Christ- centred, Bible-based education for 4 to 18 year olds.



Christian Education Europe

Christian Education Europe is playing a significant role in the lives of many hundreds of families through the resourcing and support of Christian schools and homeschools.



Christian Education

Christian Education – what it means and what it is. This site offers answers to some of the popular questions and debates surrounding Christian Education.



The Vine Christian School

The Vine Christian School is in South Reading and was founded in 2003. It offers parents the opportunity to work with the school to fulfil their God-given responsibility of providing a Bible-based education.



Bible Stories for Children

Diamond BooksA Bible-based reading project … developing in children a love for the Bible.



Quoakle – the graphical UK web directory

Quoakle is an innovative website directory using images and logos to connect local people with local businesses quickly and easily. Covers England and Wales.


Free Advertising Online

Free Advertising Online.




Christian Website Design Company

Quoakle Web Media  offer web and media services for UK small businesses and charities.



Media Sussex

A Sussex-based Website and graphic design company, offering a wide range various media solutions at reasonable and affordable prices. Ranging from websites through to videos. They work alongside Shoreham Web Design company, HeartCo.



Quoakle Cards

A perfect and affordable web marketing tool for businesses that want to climb their way to the top of Google. You can learn more about Quoakle Cards here: Google Success

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